This Month's Featured Project

The Nash Off Cut Bar

  • The Nash Off Cut Bar takes up residency in a historic hotel formerly known as the National Hotel. This heritage building is located in the neighbourhood of Inglewood and was constructed in 1907 and had a key location to the Canadian Pacific (CP) railway station, brewery, and livery. The building is recognized by its' yellow brick cladding, segmental window arches and Edwardian commercial architecture common in many Alberta hotels in working-class neighbourhoods in the early 20th century. The name, "Nash" pays homage to this rich history of the building and its predecessor's name.

    Since the building is of historic value to Calgary it required us to comply with a unique set of parameters set forth by the City of Calgary Heritage planning department. This department works closely with the advisory group Calgary Heritage Authority who evaluate potential heritage sites and maintain a running inventory of current heritage sites, the ultimate goal of which is to protect and maintain important historical landmarks in Calgary. In order to get the approval of the Heritage planning department we were required to provide detailed installation plans that minimized the impact of the additional signage on the building, while being able to comfortably hold the weight of the signage and secure it to the building. Upon meeting these requirements, we were ready to begin construction.

    We went through several rounds of creative revisions to get the look and feel just right for this extruding double faced fascia sign. The end design and product projects a total of four feet from the wall, is twelve and a half feet tall, and weighs close to seven hundred pounds. It features halo-illuminated sheetmetal letters with 'Off Cut Bar' letters routed out of the aluminum face and backed by white lexan, with illumination by red LEDs. The illuminated band around the arrow and other sections of the sign are red LED flexible tubing, a modern and more cost efficient means of producing what used to be exposed neon tube accent lighting.