This Month's Featured Project

Beer Revolution - 130 Avenue SE

  • Beer Revolution has two locations, one in Edmonton the other in downtown Calgary, with an all new third location on 130 Avenue SE. They are known for pouring a variety of premium craft beers, serving up addictive mouth-watering pizzas and playing all the best rock'n'roll hits, classic to contemporary.

    For this new location, Beer Revolution unveiled their new logo and brand identity. The copy style is a block font - clean, simple, and easy to read - along with the stylized lion logo with visual reference to Egyptian hierogliph. This Egyptian style correlates to the premium beer served at Beer Revolution and how in ancient Egyptian culture both pharaohs and working class alike were big beer enthusiasts and were historically known as one of the first civilizations to 'perfect' brewing.

    The signage is individual channelume letters with brushed aluminum returns (side of the letters). The letter faces are white plex, with an orange vinyl on the face of the lion logo and 'pizza + beer' letters, with all letters being front-lit by white LEDs. The easy reading block style font is complimented by the bright, clean colour palette of the letter faces, presenting a highly visible sign merging functionality and custom design aesthetic.

    If you are a fan of premium beer, great eats, and a fun casual atmosphere with nice looking signage, be sure to check out Beer Revolution at 4307 130 Avenue, in S.E. Calgary.