Signage Design

Artist Renderings / Mixed Media Designs

  • When Neon Contractors Ltd. was founded in 1955, the industry standard in design was hand painted or sketched artwork done on paper or artboard. A typical rendering on a 12" x 24" board would take approximately eight to sixteen hours and renderings done on the larger 24" x 36" board, often showing the client's whole building frontage with proposed signage, taking anywhere from sixteen to twenty-four hours or more.

    As computers became more advanced the standards for industry design shifted from the traditional artist to digital designer. Design software significantly reduced the amount of time spent in creating original artwork and also allowed for quick revisions, such as a colour change, to be done with the click of a mouse. Normally, before the use of computers any changes made to the design were done after the job was sold.

    We would like to share some of these design renderings and pay homage to the artist's craft as we look back at an earlier era in the history of Neon Contractors.